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Apple's New Red Products

The giant tech, Apple plans to unveil a new product in color RED. They seem to capitalize on this exciting colour so as to appeal to it’s huge customer base.
These amazing red phones are available in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, beautifully displaying a cherry aluminum finish.
Another beautiful feature is it’s wide storage of 128GB and 256GB while it’s price is almost the same with other versions of iPhone. Prices for the two versions vary depending on storage space, as the 128GB sells for $749 while the 256GB sells for $869.
It is interesting to note that Apple has since embarked on a RED campaign through contributing to the Global Fund in order to fight AIDS. Using this strategy, the company will contribute some money through sales from each of the phones. Apple boasts of contributing more than $130 million to the Global Fund, being the world’s largest corporate contributor.
Again, fans were surprised by a recent announcement of a new iPad from Apple. This bew product replaces the Air 2 which is already in the market. Apart from it’s 10 hours battery life, it comes with a 64-bit A-9 chip. It also has a 9.7 inch retina display that is common with Apple.

The iPad has many features especially the Fingerprint and TouchID security. It also have the ability to download over one million apps especially for the device.This iPad features an 8-mega pixel camera that is enabled to shoot detailed images. Editing can be done on the iPad using iMovie or an app from the app store.

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Price for the new

Price for the new iPad stands at $329 for 32GB model while the 128GB model with cellular capability goes for $559. The 4 inch screen phone is getting a little more dominant while the price remains the same at around $399. With this advancement, Apple is phasing out the 16GB and 64GB models but doubling-up their storage sizes to 32GB and 128GB. The app then brings in entertaining features that are popular

Apple has also gone

Apple has also gone forward to launch a new app called Clips. The use of this new app is to combine video clips, photos and music and then shared during chats and social media. Clips will soon be available on iOS 10.3, with filters, emojis and shapes. With this unique development, Apple said the Clip will be able to identify people in a video and mention them as


Comparing the innovation with the lower priced iPad, there is a clear indication that Apple is redefining some of it's products and pricing structure. This strategic is plan is put in place in order to knock out competitors. Well, the end result of this innovation will definitely reveal more Apple's entertaining features than competing or even showing RED Snapchat, Vine, Google Photos and other interesting apps.

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Roblox generator online 2020 - Get Free Promo Codes

Robux codes are basically a form of gift cards, which are used to buy new games, features and goods on gaming platform Roblox. The robux codes, like coupons and gifts-card, need to be redeemed in order for the purchase. The unlimited working roblox promo codes & deals in 2020 are given away as a part of any event or giveaway and can be purchased using the e-wallet of players on their gaming account as well.

Roblox- The gaming platform for kids and teens alike

Roblox is a gaming platform, basically for kids and teens. It is one of the topmost gaming sites in its genre. It is also one of the biggest user-generated gaming platforms. Players visit the Roblox sites every day to experience adventures, role-playing as their favourite characters, play games and also get robux generator no survey 2019. Players also learn a lot while playing in the grasping and friendly environment specially designed for kids and teens.

As a game designed and developed for gamers under 18, the graphics are accordingly designed accordingly. The animations are clear with sharp colours and imaging, making it very grasping. The details of the characters engage players and the features are more than enough to be their favourite. There are no adult graphics or scenes to be found, making it a best games for kids, and teens alike.

The game allows the players to generate and create their own world in which they can play with their friends. While making it a great fun activity, it also enhances the creativity of the players. The players, less than 18 years in age, also learn a great deal with this game. With more enhanced levels, they need more items for their avatars, which they can get by actually earning Robux, the game money. They can make and sell items in their self-generated world and teaches a good many things.

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IVR: The History And Future Of Speech Recognition

Research has it that telephone was developed for people to communicate with the aid of a technology called Interactive Voice Response. This was used through speech and telephone buttons, during the 90s. During this period, rumors were spread by various experts in the industry about the newly developed technology in the Voice Response and the promise to introduce more advanced applications were seriously circulated.


This phone user may for instance say ‘’please can I have the code to my account?’’, and the IVR will in turn provide the information with key phrases such as ‘’code’’ and ‘’account’’, but because the phone user is not familiar with the meaning of those key phrase, he may not be able to continue with the communication. 

To conclude this, it is important to note that the most refined technology differs from the two examples earlier given. Using the Natural Detection, the Interactive Voice Response seems to have been designed to identify and understand the caller’s real language. With this design, the phone user may say something like ‘’I’ve already tried to repair my computer by starting it over again, removing it’s plug, what should I do next?’’. Now, in order to ensure it works well, these three things need to be done.


  1. The device needs to have a detailed list of terms and find out how many times these terms do appear.
  2. Language rules must also be saved in the device.
  3. The Interactive Voice Response is supposed to go beyond keywords in order to bring out the caller’s intent


The user should clearly know that Natural Detection is the ultimate; but ironically, this technology is limited to applications of call direction-finding. IVRs require high cost of updated applications that why it is not always used.
moved beyond what the older technologies only intended to do.






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