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Similarities Between The Computer and the Brain

Did you ever have a thought that the brain and the computer have nearly similar functions? The brain absorbs information just as the computer downloads data. Similarly, uploading a file from a computer to the internet is the same as your brain upload something you learned from the class. Similarly, uploading a file from a computer to the internet is as the as when the brain uploads something you learned in class and expressing it onto a piece of paper. Take for example, your brain downloads an image the moment you see it and then you physically demonstrate the image you have seen. It is also a clear truth that the world’s powerful super computer cannot be more accurate than the human brain. Maybe in the future, man will be able to some high technology that can compete with human.

For the purpose of this discussion, we will look at the similarities between the computer and the human brain.

Functions and Purpose

Both are used to process information like mathematical calculations, storage of crucial and eventful information as well as to run tasks.

Both play important roles in the society and organizations in the area of commerce, entertainment and science. This is so because every creature survives by quick thinking and reactions. The computer today can perform tasks ranging from technically controlling production work in the factory to little chips washing machines that carefully monitors the washing process.


Both work by combining the process of several components and parts in order to effectively perform their tasks. A computer has several parts such as the disk drives, the processor and others, all of which has it’s own roles in the computer’s processes. Similarly, the brain is split into the left and right parts. One part takes care of emotions while the other part does calculations and other functions.


As the brain transmits logical signal, the computer works by using on/off known as ‘’bits’’ put together as ‘’bytes’’ to represent data.

In the area of memory capacity, both the computer and the brain have the ability to increase their memory storage capacity. So, computer memory grows by adding hard drives while the human memory grows by stronger synaptic contacts.

It is also interesting to know that both the brain and the computer can degrade and break down. Brain cells deteriorate just as computers break down and loose it’s functions. Well, this so because of lower level of chemical and hormones in the body.






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